Squid ink; blackberry; elderberry; methylene blue; velvet; silk; cotton; lead; polyvinyl chloride; charcoal; flowers; saffron; St John’s wort; wax; blue aragonite; voices; breath – a brief inventory of the stuff of Adélaïde Feriot’s work hints at her fascination with the sensorial experience of life and the wildness of nature. Feriot’s practice is a poetic and meditative exploration of the relationship between living beings, objects, and natural phenomena. Her poetically titled works variously take the form of tableaux vivants; delicately-cast lead sculptures suspended on coloured cotton; sumptuous velvet capes, and ethereal silk installations hand-tinted by the artist with a cocktail of plant pigments. Feriot’s works operate as double agents, as both objects to be displayed and engaged in active dialogue. The charged space between the art object and the spectator/performer is the space in which Feriot’s work oscillates freely.

Adélaïde Feriot, Isabella Maidment