Dove Allouche
Felicia Atkinson
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Groupe Suzanne
Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige
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Tarek Lakhrissi
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Maxime Marion & Emilie Brout
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Charlotte Moth
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Mathieu Roquigny
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Kengné Téguia
Sarah Tritz
Camille Tsvethoukine
Marion Verboom
Raphaël Zarka

In the ongoing work Performing White Skin, begun in 2019, masks endow their wearers with the near-magical privilege of soliloquy in an indictment of the hubris of whiteness.   a group of 27  hand-carved wooden polychrome masks inspired by the masking traditions of Mexican carnivals and religious festivals as well as African rituals, and the fate of these ritual objects in European collections. The project also invokes the terracotta busts of Honoré Daumier’s Célébrités du Juste Milieu, caricatures of July monarchy politicians, bankers, and aristocrats. The masks operate as sculptures and as objects activated in performances and videos.

Mauricio Limon de León, Sylvie Fortin